How can we make positive and lasting change?

Schools are microcosms of our larger society. Valuing diversity and ensuring that all members of society have a meaningful place are central tenets of bullying prevention. Comprehensive prevention initiatives that nurture safe and inclusive school environments and foster the acceptance of differences are profoundly connected to practices that foster equitable and inclusive education.

My school just won a prize. We worked together on a video. And we made an agreement to create a school where everyone belongs. I love my life at school now!
-Student, 10th grade

Success Story

In the school where I teach, some students and faculty members are of African origin. I noticed that some of the students who were Canadian-born did not give them a very warm welcome. When I paid a little more attention, I realized that these people did not feel welcome and that none of us (faculty members) were doing anything to change it, even with our peers. Of course, we had put up posters with a little cultural diversity, but that’s it.

I realized that what was happening was blatant exclusion! So I approached some of the students who had been excluded and asked them what we could do so they could feel welcome and included. Apparently they had already spoken about it, because they were full of great ideas. We formed the WELCOME CLUB (named by the students). We invited everyone - the goal was to break down barriers. At first, we had four students and two teachers. That was two years ago. Today, the club has about a dozen students and a large number of teachers, and others too. Everyone agrees that our school is a great place and the word has spread, so that we now have a reputation for being a friendly and welcoming environment!