What is bullying?

Increasingly bullying is an issue that is widely discussed in school circles – but what does the term really mean? In fact, the word is often bandied about and consequently misunderstood. An effective response to bullying with a view to its prevention requires a common understanding of this widespread social problem.
Now I realize that I was bullied in elementary school. I didn’t know. I did a school project and a presentation in front of my class. Now I understand what happened.
- Student, 7th grade

Definition Exercise (For Elementary Schools)

Activity 1: All classes work together to develop a single common definition of bullying.

Activity 2: The definitions are posted on the school bulletin board so that everyone can read and compare them.

Activity 3: Definitions are included in the school newsletter for parents and guardians to read and compare.

Activity 4: All definitions contribute to the development of a common definition for the Bullying Prevention (or other similar) committee.