Step 3: Put it into Practice

What are key elements of a bullying prevention and intervention plan?

The following exercise will help you gather information enabling you to meet your obligation to learn about and reduce the incidence of bullying.

Your assignment is the following:

Examine the ways in which your school’s bullying intervention and prevention plan facilitates students’ and staff members’ empowerment.

The following questions will help you complete this exercise:
  1. How does the plan provide students with realistic and relevant information about bullying?
  2. How does the plan encourage peer support among students? How does it support students who are witnesses and who want to tell someone? Does the plan ensure that students have access to relevant services and to adult resource people?
  3. How does the plan increase students’ self-confidence? Does it build on students’ strengths and help them develop skills? Does the plan focus on what students can do – or can learn to do – rather than on what they shouldn’t or cannot do?
  4. How does the plan encourage values, attitudes and beliefs that foster respect for the rights of students and others?
  5. How does the plan foster students’ autonomy? For example, who makes decisions and how?
  6. How does the plan contribute to breaking the code of silence and building peer capacity? Are allies’ potential and capacity maximized and are witnesses provided with guidance and support?
  7. How does the plan guarantee students’ ongoing access to services and adult resource people as needed?