The Safe@School project began in 2007. This innovative initiative, developed in partnership by COPA and the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), is now in its fourth phase. The project is funded by the Inclusive Education Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The objective of the Safe@School project is to foster positive, systemic change for the benefit and well-being of teachers and other school staff, as well as students, parents and guardians, and the educational system as a whole. Together, OTF and COPA have created a multi-pronged provincial initiative for Ontario’s teachers aimed at fostering the creation of “safe, strong and free” school and community environments. For participants in this online course, the Safe@School project’s comprehensive website is a relevant resource: safeatschool.ca.

With the help of information contained in the Safe@School site, those participating in the online course can expand their learning by exploring the innovative Professional Learning Module on bullying prevention (as well as the module on Equity and Inclusive Education). They can also view the moving, awareness-raising film entitled “Taking Bullying Seriously”.

We also recommend that participants explore the following relevant resources, created in the context of the Safe@School initiative:

  • Innovative Professional Learning Modules on promoting equity and inclusive education (including a module on working with parents and guardians on these issues, as well as bullying prevention) (safe@school.ca)
  • Bullying prevention resource list (with resources external to COPA and OTF) on bullying prevention (safe@school.ca/resources)
  • Resources created by COPA and OTF to promote the creation of safe and inclusive school environments (changeourworld.ca)