Step 1: Set the Scene

What are key elements of a bullying prevention and intervention plan?

SCENARIO: There are a number of Aboriginal students of Métis descent in your school, including one (Student 1) who is in your classroom. You have overheard a number of racist insults made against your student about his heritage. You have observed that the Métis students often spend time together, in spite of their age difference. Other students do not play with them, or pick them for teams, and often avoid working with them on projects. Student 1 avoids working with other students on projects. The parents of your student have approached you about the possibility of removing their son from the school, and sending him to another one in another community.

1You and the principal ask the parents of Student 1 to a meeting with the school social worker. You all listen as the parents express their concerns and you express your own concern to them. You offer to look out for the student and even give him extra support and attention.

2You speak with the other teachers about the bullying experienced by the Métis students. Together you create an intervention plan in order to ensure their safety and to facilitate the development of a kinder environment for this group of students and for everyone.

3You decide to take care of Student 1 yourself, intervening with attentive and appropriate care, providing him with support and following up with him until the incident in question has been resolved.

Explanation of the recommended response.