What can teachers do to interrupt bullying?

Constructive intervention on the part of teachers provides students with an opportunity to learn new attitudes and change their behaviour. It also sends a message about personal power and its potential for positive change.

My teacher talked to us about bullying. She said to go see her. I was scared but I went. I’m really relieved now. Less alone.
-Student, 4th grade

Success Story

Last year, I noticed that one of my students often lingered in the classroom at the end of the class. Honestly, it annoyed me a little. This student has special needs and I knew he was getting a lot of attention at school. I finally decided to approach him. It turns out he wanted to tell me about a bullying situation he was going through. He wanted to get help, but wasn’t sure where to turn. We talked and developed a plan together, and have taken some steps to address the problem, including talking to the assistant principal.

I meet with the student regularly to see how things are going. The situation has improved a lot this year.