What can teachers do to interrupt bullying?

SCENARIO: On the way to the staff room from class, you see Students 1 and 2 making fun of Student 3, while other students watch. Student 1 is mocking Student 3, using homophobic slurs.

1You approach the three students privately and usher them into your classroom. You sit them down and tell them to work out the situation.

2You interrupt the bullying incident immediately in front of everyone present in the hallway by stating: “I don’t like what I’m hearing and seeing. This certainly looks like bullying and I will be speaking to each of you about this.” You then make appointments to speak individually to each of the students.

3You decide to resolve this problem by launching a whole school activity. You meet with the school administrators and the anti-bullying committee to explore the issue of homophobia.

Explanation of the recommended response.