What can teachers do to help prevent bullying?

Teachers often witness bullying and may feel helpless to prevent it while recognizing that they have a key role to play. Finding ways to make use of daily interactions and every kind of situation to create learning opportunities is a practice that contributes to reducing the incidence of bullying.

We just did a great project – the importance of rights and how ignoring them hurts others people. It was new for me and my friends.
-Student, 6th grade

Success Story

After watching the movie you made (Hear Me Out), I thought for days about what I could do to change the atmosphere in my class. I couldn’t stop thinking about how my class could be a place where all my students feel welcome.

I asked them what we could do to get there. They had lots of great ideas. For example, they suggested that they decorate a part of the classroom with pictures of themselves and drawings they have made, and also add stories where friendship and compassion are featured. This idea really touched me and we immediately made a place on a wall. We spend time working on it each day.

The results were so impressive that other teachers followed suit, and today, we devote the walls of an entire hallway to this amazing project!

Everyone participates enthusiastically. We really feel that the culture of the school has changed.