Step 3: Put it into Practice

How can we make positive and lasting change?

The following exercise will help you understand the ways in which bullying, social exclusion and discrimination become entrenched in our society and are often mirrored in our schools. Increasing your understanding of this issue can help you better meet your obligation to learn about and reduce the incidence of bullying.

Your assignment for Module 10 is the following:

Reflect on the questions below:
  1. Name different forms of bullying among adults that you’ve observed, for example, on television, in different contexts and levels of society, at work, in the community, etc.
  2. From your observations, what are differences and similarities between bullying acts perpetrated by adults and those perpetrated by students?
  3. Which school-based approaches to bullying prevention might be effective in other contexts, such as our communities and our society?
  4. Name through things you could do to prevent bullying in the long term in your school, in your community and in society at large.